Report on Meeting with Warwickshire RFU

A meeting has been held with Charlie McGinty the Secretary of the Warwickshire RFU to discuss the Lion’s readmission to the league structure. 

Charlie outlined the criteria required for the Lions to gain re-entry to the leagues from September 2013.   The main issues are: 

  • Voting membership of the Rugby Football Union must be maintained, current membership is based upon the season 2011/12.   To maintain membership and retain voting status, the Club must play a minimum of 12 games per season, this can be at any level provided this is against at least 4 different Clubs with RFU voting status.
  • The Club must also demonstrate to the Midlands League that they can fulfil a fixture list playing games both home and away.   To achieve this a number of games (towards 20) have to be played through the season prior to entry to the Leagues.
  • The Club must demonstrate that it has the appropriate facilities (Club House), a fully functioning committee and a stable financial status.
  • An application for re-entry to the League Structure has to be made by the 1stApril.  The Warwickshire Rugby Union confirmed they will support the Club’s application provided the necessary criteria has been reached.   The level of league entry will be decided by the Warwickshire RFU based on the above. 

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